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Horizon has been designed by and for in-house privacy lawyers and data protection experts. Privacy professionals can’t afford to ignore the status quo and are typically firefighting incidents and demanding privacy requirements.  With Culture Horizon you will have detailed assessments, Maturity Horizon you can measure your privacy maturity and with Learning Horizon fully embed a privacy culture within your organisation.

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Stay ahead of the privacy risks

Assess, measure, embed and monitor a privacy culture across your entire organisation

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How can you defend your risk position

When you don't know where you are?

Horizon is built on first-hand legal and DPO implementation experiences, real-life challenges of complex data privacy laws and privacy standards across national and global boundaries.

Horizon utilises 12 privacy ‘domains’ to measure your company’s privacy position using AI, metrics, KPI's, delivering comprehensive results so you can stay ahead of the risks whilst embedding a culture of privacy.

Global risk position dashboard - real time analysis
Global risk position dashboard - real time analysis
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Keep your finger on the pulse

Horizon’s custom dashboards and reporting provides all your data at your fingertips. If you are responsible for your organisation’s privacy risk you can have confidence of your position through real-time reporting at your fingertips. 


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